We're Here To Help You Along The Way

We're Here To Help You Along The Way

Secrets of Savvy Househunters

Experienced home buyers & great Realtors know that there’s more to look for than a good neighbourhood & a sturdy foundation. Coming armed with expert advice & working with great professionals is key.  Before you get caught up in the excitement of searching for the perfect home, here are some savvy steps & how we can help welcome you home!

1. Know your numbers.

Shopping for a new home online is thrilling! But don’t get caught falling in love with a home you can’t afford. Expert advice is key! Reach out to a professional lender for mortgage pre-approval. Get an up to date market evaluation of your current home- from us or an experienced local realtor.  Your ability to buy is the most important first step to making your new home dream a reality.

2. Get to know the market.

Now that you know what you can afford what does your money get you in your new home town? Ask us to set you up with an email alert for new listings. Having up to date market information is the next step to building a nest you’ll love. We’re happy to talk out the details with you: How close are schools? Stores? Access to highways? Internet services? How big a change is country living? What’s the neighbourhood like? We’re local experts & we love nothing more than welcoming you home!

3. Make a list.

Get organized & get on the same page!  Come up with a master wish list: What can’t you live without? What could you live with? Whats on your “would-be-nice” list & what are your “deal breakers”? Is it all affordable? If you get stuck give us a call! Share your wish list with us & see if we can help you find the right fit! Maybe we can make a small tweak that makes all the difference in getting you exactly where you want to be.

4. Let’s shop!

Now that you’re focussed & armed with up to date information it’s time to shop! Working with a member of our team you’ll have an experienced, well-connected professional by your side to help you make a great investment. It’s important at this stage not to get overwhelmed with too many viewings in one day. With some ground work behind you it should be easy to narrow down your options. You may not find ‘the one’ on your first day out or it may be behind the first door you open. We’re here to help you stay focussed & informed so that you feel confident bringing an offer.

5. Put pen to paper.

Different market conditions will mean different approaches. By now we’ll have already gone over what’s happening in the market & how you’ll need to craft your offer to suit. We want you to bring a confident offer that meets all your goals. We’ll go over all the forms, offer conditions & timelines together. We want you to be clear on the details & what to expect during the conditional period. A carefully crafted offer will help protect your interests & meet your goals.

6. Local resources.

Our well-connected team can help set you up with any local resource you may need to seal the deal: Inspectors, contractors, insurance providers, lawyers & lenders all play an important role in a safe, smooth transaction. We’re happy to set up inspection appointments for you & be there on your behalf if need be. Not all transactions happen in a straight line. Sometimes there are bumps in the road & the process gets tricky. We’re great problem solvers & have resources at our finger tips to help.

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7. Let’s get movin’!

After we’ve negotiated & the deal is sealed its time to celebrate & get you moving! We’re so excited to welcome you home, but you’ve got some more work ahead of you. We are going to invite you to a program called MoveSnap. It’s going to help you keep your long “moving to-do” list organized. In the mean time reach out to us with anything that pops up we can be helpful with.

8. Welcome to your new home town.

Our team doesn’t stop at the door! We’re here to help before, during & after your purchase. We want you to love where you live just as much as we do. Need help finding a something? Not sure where to go for your first birthday dinner in your new home town? Give us a shout, connect with us on Facebook & Instagram, say “Hello!” in the grocery store. We love sharing our community & can’t wait for you to be a part of it.

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